The Brand Revolution 2018

The moment of truth for any brand is the split second when the consumer reaches out, takes the pack from the shelf and places it in the trolley. This is the moment of trust, where the consumer says, “I believe in you.”

But, as the massive economic engine which is the middle class consumer has recently learned, questioning truths and switching allegiances can bring real benefits. This is a time in which consumers are increasingly inclined to question their relationship with established brands and change ingrained purchasing habits.

“Are my clothes really any cleaner when I use this stuff?”
“Does this car have all the amazing capabilities I expected?”
“Is this insurance actually going to cover me at the crucial moment?”

This period of re-evaluation is unlike any that’s gone before and within this volatility, lies some of the greatest ever opportunity for new brands and middle-of-the-road brands. The glass ceilings are begging to be broken and consumer sentiment is making it happen now.

A revision of a brand, a refreshed and focused pack design, a website that’s not just a boring template, but an honest and accurate reflection of the brand. Putting any or all of these elements in place has the potential to tip the balance at the moment of truth.

More than that, taking action now could have a transformational effect for any brand that genuinely wants success.

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